Space Shuttle Crew Transport Vehicle

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the State of NASA at the Armstrong Flight Research Center. After learning about the center’s work on electric planes, the Low Boom Flight Demonstration plane and other research into autonomous aircraft, I stopped at the Air Force Test Flight Museum. Unfortunately, the museum was closed, so seeing the […]

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Mercury-Redstone 7

Standing outside the Kennedy Space Center Badging office near Gate 3 stands the Mercury-Redstone 7. Although the Mercury capsule atop this booster is a model, the booster itself is an actual Redstone rocket. I was back at the Kennedy Space Center for the test flight of the Falcon Heavy and took a moment to stop […]

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Apollo BP-1228

This Apollo boilerplate is thought to be BP-1228. Some other reference sites have photos of an Apollo boilerplate on display in the parking lot at the US Naval Air Museum. I suspect that once the addition of Hanger One to the museum was completed, that capsule was restored and moved inside.

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Apollo 11 Recovery Artifacts

In addition to the capsules and the rockets that take them to space, there are also artifacts from their recovery. On display on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego, is the SH-3 Sea King that was the actual recovery helicopter for Apollo 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13. The floatation collar and righting […]

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